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Lulu Search Engine Marketing Service

So you’ve published your creation on Lulu. . .now what to do? As the director of Lulu’s Search Engine Marketing program, I am excited to introduce a new way to promote your books, calendars and other content on Google and other search engines. Our new Search Engine Marketing program is powered by Lulu’s own internal Search Engine Marketing staff, capitalizes on our years and years of experience and is a great way for people to find your creations.

Wondering how it all works? The Lulu Team uses our research tools to find relevant keywords that relate to your content. First we look at each piece of content and craft a list of words that describe it perfectly. Relevant search terms are the essential ingredient of a good search engine marketing campaign.

search engine marketing

We then create engaging text ads based on our research that exactly convey what your book or calendar or other content is about. Your ad will be seen by thousands of people per day, but only those who are truly interested in it will click on the ad. This way, when they visit your Lulu product page or storefront, they are more likely to buy your work. Excited yet? Click Here to get more information and check out the different plans we offer. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page.

Dan London