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Heatin’ Things Up in Miami!

The eighty degree temperatures didn’t deter students and teachers from coming out to this year’s Miami-Dade Day Conference. There was a recorded 2,600 attendees at this year’s event. Dedicated to bring new technology to the college, the conference turned out to be the colleges best one yet.

Our events team, having experience with other educational shows, understood the importance that Lulu can play in the classroom. Giving students the ability to gather theses in a professional manner was a huge appeal to those who stopped by the booth. There were even some who came prepared with written manuscripts! As the day went on it was evident that attendees were happy to see us there.

The show lasted for just a day but in that short time we managed to spread an awareness of Lulu to all who stopped by. As people left the booth more would stop by and we certainly acknowledged the fact that it was a great indication of where we’re going in the educational world.

Take a look at who we met at the show!


And the winner is… Contest time!

You’re a self-published author (Thanks Lulu!) but are you wondering how to take your book to the next level? What if you were an award winning self-published author? Yeah, that has a nice ring to it.

If you are interested in earning some accolades, here are a few contest and award opportunities for self-published, independent publishers (this is great for Lulus with a “Published By You” ISBN – you’re the publisher), or niche books.

The 2008 News Generation Indie Book Awards:
• Open to independent authors and publishers worldwide
• Cash prizes and fabulous awards!
Click here for more information and to enter
• Deadline: March 21, 2008 (you need to hurry and publish your book if you already haven’t!)

The “IPPY” Awards (Independent Publisher Book Awards)
• All independent, university, small press, and self-publishers who produce books intended for the North American market are eligible to enter titles copyrighted or released in 2007. Independent authors using print-on-demand publishing services are welcome to enter their books themselves.
• Regional and National level awards in 65 different categories
Click here for the scoop and how to enter
• Deadline: April 1, 2008 (a few more weeks… but still you might want to get a move on it)

16th Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards
• Searching for the best self-published books form the past few years
• Over $15,000 in prizes
Click here for the details and how to enter
• Deadline: May 1, 2008 (you have a month and some change to get your book together).

So don’t hide your light (or in this case, your book) under a bushel. Enter and see what happens. We’re rooting for you here at Lulu!

Get Creative…Get People to Your Lulu Creation

Now that you have published on Lulu, it is time to get some people to buy what you have created. The Lulu Search Marketing Program can get your creation on the major search engines, but there are many other ways to get traffic to your Lulu storefront.

-Post on Internet Forums

Internet forums are a great way to let people know about what you have written. Find a website that relates to what your Lulu creation is about and become an active member. Make sure each post has a link to your Lulu storefront. This is a great way to get people who are more likely to buy your item to your storefront.

-Bookmarks and Postcards

Lulu offers a great service to help budding authors promote their creations. Get bookmarks, postcards and even business cards to help you promote your book. I had some made for my Lulu creation and left some at the coffee shops around the area. Click HERE to learn more.

These are just a few ways you can get people to your Lulu storefront. Visit the Lulu Forums for more great ideas.


Customizing the Mini-Storefront with CSS

One of the really useful things about the new HTML/Javascript Mini-Storefront Widget is that it generates your storefront display in good old-fashioned HTML. As a result, you can use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to customize the display of your storefront. This guide will give you an overview of the customization options available, and demonstrate how to use them. You don’t need to be a CSS guru, but knowing a little about CSS will help (learn more about CSS).

Continue reading ‘Customizing the Mini-Storefront with CSS’

TCCTA Welcomes Lulu!

The Texas Community College Teacher’s Association (TCCTA) had its 61st annual convention and Lulu was one of the show’s main attractions. With over 80 colleges participating, teachers from all backgrounds were interested to see what Lulu could do for them.

As most of you know Lulu’s services not only attract individual authors/creators but can appeal to many others; like teachers. So here’s the scenario, you’re a teacher and you use the same old tired textbook every year. You’re not only tired of it, but your students are too. So why not create your own? Lulu enables teachers to be able to compile course materials and any other relevant matter in one central piece versus using the same irrelevant materials over and over again.

With this being our first time at TCCTA, teachers were surprised to see us there but understood the perfect placement we have at such an educational show. With over 6,000 members it was a great opportunity for Lulu to continue to reach out to the educational world full of potential Lulus! We want to make sure that at each conference Lulu attends we continue to stress our free services and easy applications. TCCTA has now been added to the list of successful educational conferences that we’ve attended and we’re excited to see what the next one brings.

If you know of any educational shows (or any other shows for that matter) feel free to let us know where you’d like to see us. Respond to this blog with your ideas.


Kenia Caze

Leap Year Fun

So leap year doesn’t come around but every four years and for many of us it’s just another year with an extra day. Until I wrote this blog I never really paid attention to all the stories behind the year. So, I figured since I had no clue maybe you’ll like to share in my findings!

What’s obvious is that a leap year contains one or more extra days in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the seasonal year. But did you know that February used to be the last month of the year? And every four years there was an extra 22 day month? Back in the days of Julius Caesar, he ruled that in order to keep all time the same every year he’d just throw an extra month in! Well, as we all know that didn’t last and it was found that the best solution is to add an extra day every four years instead; giving us the format we follow today.

Are you a leap day baby? Apparently the odds of being born on leap day are 1/1,146! With numbers like that be sure that you’re not the only one! If you’re looking for other leap day babies you might want to look into the Worldwide Leap Year Birthday Club and the Annual Worldwide Leap Year Birthday Festival. (From what I hear, membership includes a free t-shirt!)

So, this is for the ladies. Ever thought of asking your sweetie to marry you? Well, leap year rules say that this is the only time you’re allowed to propose. Leap year traditions in Scotland in 1288 stated that a woman was allowed to propose to the man of her choice. Though, if the fellow declined he would have to pay a hefty fine­­—of a kiss! (Or the woman’s choice of affectionate punishment)

Have any other interesting leap year facts? Feel free to add your findings to the comments section. Have fun and Happy Leap Year!


Kenia Caze

Celebrate Black History Month with Lulu

As February is Black History Month, we would like to highlight some of our Lulu users and encourage others to create and share cultural content to celebrate the holiday.

Many African Americans use Lulu to celebrate their culture through a variety of forms such as art, personal accounts, cookbooks, poetry, music and more. Here are just a few examples of popular Lulu creations made by African American authors:

  • LeSean Thomas created a compilation of his animated artwork highlighting hip-hop-inspired characters that has been featured on “The Boondocks” on Cartoon Network ( Daytime Award Winning Producer Jeff Matsuda recognizes Thomas’ work as some of the most dynamic, unique and prolific hip-hop driven visions of today.
  • The Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook ( by Panderina Soumas offers a how-to for a number of tantalizing treats that have been passed down through generations of Creole cooks. With recipes like “African Rhythm Drumettes” and “Who-Do-You-Wanna-Voodoo-Dip,” the Soumas Heritage Creole Cookbook celebrates culture through the sharing of delicious family dishes.
  • Another publication, The Hip-Hop Education Guidebook ( by Marcella Runell and Martha Diaz provides advice on how to harness the enthusiasm and energy found in hip-hop music and introduce it to the classroom. Calling for innovation in schools and engaging teaching styles to ensure the success of all American students, this guidebook has been used in numerous schools throughout New York.

There are many more cultural creations that can be found by simply browsing the Lulu marketplace (

One final way that I would like to encourage you to commemorate Black History Month is to write your own chapter of history. Lulu has all the tools you need to share your story with others and add to your already-rich traditions. Use this month to create a living history of your own experiences while paying tribute to great African American leaders of the past and present.

Shannon Connell