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Lulu Search Engine Marketing Service

So you’ve published your creation on Lulu. . .now what to do? As the director of Lulu’s Search Engine Marketing program, I am excited to introduce a new way to promote your books, calendars and other content on Google and other search engines. Our new Search Engine Marketing program is powered by Lulu’s own internal Search Engine Marketing staff, capitalizes on our years and years of experience and is a great way for people to find your creations.

Wondering how it all works? The Lulu Team uses our research tools to find relevant keywords that relate to your content. First we look at each piece of content and craft a list of words that describe it perfectly. Relevant search terms are the essential ingredient of a good search engine marketing campaign.

search engine marketing

We then create engaging text ads based on our research that exactly convey what your book or calendar or other content is about. Your ad will be seen by thousands of people per day, but only those who are truly interested in it will click on the ad. This way, when they visit your Lulu product page or storefront, they are more likely to buy your work. Excited yet? Click Here to get more information and check out the different plans we offer. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page.

Dan London


New Release: Calendar BETA and Flash Previews

Lulu Studio™ Calendars BETA

Lulu is proud to announce a whole new way to produce your custom-made calendars online with the all new Lulu Studio™ Calendars BETA

For those of you new to Lulu, back in November we introduced a new and innovative process for publishing professional quality Photo Books on the web which we call Lulu Studio™ for Photo Books. Taking a similar approach, we’ve taken the Lulu Studio™ application and applied it to Calendars, adding some additional improvements:

“Lulu Studio Calendars offer a choice of 9 attractive themes as well as a number of different templates to suit virtually any collection of images. To give your calendar that personal touch, you can upload your own images for your calendar, or, using our partnerships with Getty and Colligate Images, purchase professional images from our huge image library for the cover and interior of your calendar.”

Please bear in mind that with introduction of any “BETA” feature on Lulu, this is the start of something new for us. As such, we acknowledge that some features may not work as expected for everyone (though, we’ve done are best to prevent that from happening for the majority of our users). With this in mind, we are continuing to offer the original Calendar publishing wizard on Lulu which you can select when creating a new calendar project.

To get started creating a new Lulu Studio™ Calendar wizard, click here or select “Calendar” from the options available above on the Publish tab.

Flash previews for newly published books and documents

Awhile back we announced the introduction of Flash-based previews available on the public display pages for newly published content. Unfortunately, the wide variety of material published through Lulu and the different ways users interact with it posed several challenges for us we had not initially anticipated. And so, at the time we formerly announced this feature, we were unable to provide a consistent experience for everyone and for consistency we were forced to revert back to the original design. As of today however, thanks to the hard work of several of our very talented developers, we are happy to announce this functionality is ready for everyone as of today!

Books and documents will now have high-resolution Flash-based previews. These previews are now integrated into the content pages, allowing shoppers to peruse books immediately.

The new embedded preview functionality is available for newly published print content only. And if offering a preview for your content simply isn’t the right choice for you, you can easily turn off this feature in the preview settings for your book. Please also note that previews associated to previously published content have not been altered.

Finally, as part of this release we’ve also included several tweaks and bug fixes throughout the site, for a full list changes included with these new features please be sure to check out the latest release notes in the Developer’s Log.

We invite you to try these new features and tell us what you think. Please post your questions and comments in our forums here.

Adam Guida